Gang Unity with Kendrick Lamar-Designed Reeboks

Kendrick Lamar Reeboks

Release Date: July 18, 2015

[, Shiekh, Bait, DTLR, Shoe Palace, Shoe City]

Rappers and pro athletes are notorious for teaming up with sneaker companies and designing shoes that many of us have to save up for. With that being said, Kendrick Lamar has revealed his Reebok-designed shoe with the concept of promoting peace between gangs.

Kdot is one of many rappers that talks about the influence of the gang culture in his music; referencing Pirus and Crips in “Ronald Reagan Era” and “m.A.A.d City”. Back in September, Lamar released the powerful cover art for “I”, which featured two opposing gang members (in gang attire) forming hearts with their hands rather than gang signs; the representation of unity between gangs –something Kendrick Lamar continuously speaks about in his music and interviews.

Kendrick Lamar Reeboks 4

Talking about the much needed unity between gangs has proven to be not enough. So Kendrick Lamar has opted to using Reebok as a source and outlet to push for peace and unity with the Reebok Ventilators. The sneaks will not be in separate colors. Instead, there will be blue accents on the left and red accents on the right, forcing the colors together. The tongue of the sneaker will read “neutral” in bold font.

Our thoughts; we don’t knock Kendrick Lamar for trying and we hope it does move things forward with gang unity and peace. However, at $125 a pop, who will really be able to rock these sneakers?  Comment your thoughts and let us know if you’ll be copin’ a pair!

Kendrick Lamar Reeboks 2            Kendrick Lamar Reeboks 3

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