Freakshow: AHS Season 4

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When I found out about season 4 of ‘American Horror Story’ I couldn’t contain myself.

I got a late start when it came to AHS. I started watching season 3 (Coven)…I know, I know, cut me some slack but I didn’t know/find out about the show until then. Thank god none of the seasons corresponded with each other or else I would have been totally lost while watching season 3.

Any who have you heard that season 4 is titled ‘Freakshow’? I know, I can’t control myself either! Monday, March 24, 2014, AHS creator Ryan Murphy announced that the subtitle for AHS season 4 was Freakshow. This season is set in the 1950’s in a spooky carnival. Can you imagine the twisted storyline?

The creators and a handful of actors from the cast were on an AHS panel at Paleyfest march 28, 2014 where they discussed the upcoming season and answered questions. Additional casting announcements have not yet been made. However, season 4 will be the final run for star and fan favorite Jessica Lange.

Hold your whips! Season 4 of AHS doesn’t premiere until October 2014 on FX.


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