#Fired: 6 Social Media Mistakes Costing You A Job

Fired Hashtag

Being freelance bloggers, we care but then again we don’t care about what we post on our PERSONAL social media accounts. When “social media” first became a “thing”, it was more so about connecting and re-connecting with people by posting pictures, statuses, etc.

Now, social media is a bit more complicated than that. Promoting a business, website, magazine and so on is definitely a pro for social media. Because how would we get the word out about our blog besides calling or texting people asking them to check it out? However, a con to social media is that businesses can actually pay for social media information in order to check out their employee candidates “personally”. Don’t act like you didn’t know. It’s ridiculous and quite frankly, another way for you to be discriminated against, behind your back. Those “voluntary” demographic questions (Age, Gender, Race) is the first way. Ever been qualified or over-qualified for a position and wondered why you never got a call back or an email? The so-called “mistakes” you’re making on social media could be why. Below are 6 social media mistakes, in order by percentage, that could be costing you a job.

1. Illegal Drug References, 83%

2. Sexual Posts, 70%

3. Bad Spelling/Grammar, 66%

4. Profanity, 63%

5. Guns, 51%

6. Alcohol, 44%

For us, the order would be:

1. Guns

2. Alcohol

3. Illegal Drug References

4. Sexual Posts

5. Bad Spelling/Grammar

6. Profanity

How can guns NOT be at the top of the list? and how is alcohol at the bottom? Imagine turning on the news or seeing on social media, “Drunk driving Apple employee kills 6 year old girl.” Wouldn’t you question what type of people are being hired by Apple? We get it, even when you’re not on the clock you’re still representing the company. And some things that you shouldn’t post is just common sense; i.e. twat pics, dick pics, tit pics, ass pics, etc. But at the end of the day, majority of social media accounts are PERSONAL. Mind your business! We’re just sayin’.

Source: Social Times



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