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I’m sure many of us, when trying to get in shape, don’t think about detoxing to help aid in weight loss, exercising and eating healthy. I didn’t either until I started doing some research on how to lose weight in a healthy way rather than turning to diet pills or any other extreme diet resource.. Anyways, straight to the point…you take care of your outsides right? With face wash, body wash, makeup, lotion, etc…so why not take care of your insides too! There are many detox bath recipes which you can Google and find tons but the one that works for me is below…try and see how different you feel. To be safe, as with dieting, ask your doctor first!

Detox Bath Recipe:

2 cups Epsom salt

1-2 cups baking soda

1tbsp-1/3 cup ground ginger

Fill tub with comfortably hot water, toss in ingredients, and soak for 20-40 min

*be careful when getting out of the tub

**for best results, drink at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water for 3 days after bath.

detox water post

Okay, so I’ve given you a detox bath recipe, now for some detox water.

We all want to lose weight and be fit but it doesn’t just mean eating right and exercising. Remember that time when you went to McDonalds and ordered that cheeseburger and large fries…well it’s still in you…as fat. Are you surprised? Did you think it went away? Well, you thought wrong. yes, eating right and working out are steps towards being fit but first you have to get rid of all the bad that’s still in your body when you would go through the taco bell drive through 3 times a week because you were too lazy to cook. as with the detox bath recipes, you can Google detox water recipes and find tons, but once again it’s about what works best for you. I finally got the ingredients for one of the detox waters I want to try. I made it last night and will be drinking it throughout the day today…whenever I’m thirsty.

Detox water Recipe:

2 lemons

1/2 cucumber

10-15 mint leaves

3 quarts of water

Fuse overnight

Happy detoxing 🙂



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