Beware…Halloween Is Near!

Halloween Post

Okay, so you probably read this post and thought…Halloween is like 5 months away, what are they smoking?! Yes, you’re correct, Halloween is 5 months away but do you want to be like those people that procrastinate all year long and then are scrambling a month before trying to go to every Party City across the nation in order to find a costume? We didn’t think so!

Now is the time to be searching for costumes. Especially if you plan on buying your costume online; it needs to be shipped, you need to make sure it fits and if you need to send it back in exchange for a bigger or smaller size, you need to factor in time for that as well. You can always tell if someone’s costume is a “last minute” costume. Last year we were Batman and Poison Ivy. We made our costumes…kinda.


Black Body Suit (G-Stage)

Synthetic Ivy Leaves (Hobby Lobby)

Mask (Ashley Fox)

Tights (Rite Aid) (Had to dye these with green and yellow food coloring)

Black Heels (Reflection, Carousel Mall)

Krylon Glitter Blast, Citrus Dream Spray Paint (Walmart)


Black Pant Body Suit (G-Stage)

Heels (Reflection, Victoria Gardens Mall)

Mask (Spirit Halloween)

Cape (DIY)


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