8 dangers of cell phone post


Danger 1️- Accidents and Injuries:
Over 1.5 million people who end up in the hospital every year because they dared to text behind the wheel.
Danger 2️- Posture Related Disorders:
Maintaining a certain position for prolonged periods of time can be seriously detrimental to everything from the muscles and tendons to the nerves.According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, M.D., an osteopathic physician, those who are fixated on their phones are more likely to develop pain, muscle spasms, and chronic diseases.
Danger 3️- Screen Fatigue:
Screen fatigue is an absolutely horrible feeling. Your eyes, forehead, and temples will throb and hurt, sometimes for hours on end.To avoid this, never strain your eyes for too long, or you’ll be at risk of developing irritating conditions, like dry eye syndrome.
Danger 4️- Reduced Attention Span:
In a startling study, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University discovered that those who use their phones and listen to people talk at the same time exhibit a 37 percent loss of brain activity.Sadly, other studies have proven the same thing: the more attached you are to your phone, the shorter your attention span and ability to focus.
Danger 5️- Sleeping Problems:
Many of us take our phones to bed. Whether it’s to watch a funny video, what we may not realize, however, is that these brightly lit screens can in fact suppress melatonin production, and cause a host of sleeping problems, like insomnia. Plus, you don’t want to sleep next to your wifi anyways.
Danger 6️- Disconnection With Friends And Family (pretty self explanatory)
Danger 7️- Identity Theft:
Because we may forget to log out on our phones, our many passwords and ID numbers may still be stored as data on the phone. A skilled hacker or strong virus may then very easily steal or leak important information, photos, and personal data.
Danger 8️- Damage To The Spine And Neck:
Look at the picture. Does that pose look healthy to you? Many people experience horrid back pain and repetitive strain injuries, all because they sit and stare at their phones for way too long.Try not to hunch over your smartphones if you want to avoid pestering muscle pain, and strained spinal discs.
Written by Andishe