Catching Up with Julian Keyz


We recently caught up with international R&B artist Julian Keyz. He’s been on the grind since we last interviewed him in February, now headlining his first tour!

Still humble but definitely excited;

All Access Blog: You’ve been on the move since we last chatted with you, how has the traveling been for you? Are you tired yet? (Lol)

Julian Keyz: I’ve had many changes in my life due to my traveling and I wouldn’t change anything about it. I’m extremely blessed to be in the position to do what I love and travel.

AAB: How does it feel to be headlining your first tour?

JK: It feels awesome to headline my first independent tour. I’m looking forward to learning and growing from it.

AAB: Being an independent artist, what goes into planning a tour?

JK: Being independent, it takes a lot planning a tour. It’s a great experience though and I have an awesome team that’s very reliable. So I don’t worry too much about anything.

AAB: Are your performances going to differ from show to show while on tour?

JK: A lot of the performances will differ on the show due to different venues and different crowds. My most recent show I premiered my reggae version of “Girls”! Lol it was so lit!

AAB: How do you feel about The Scientist remixing “Girls”?

JK: Honored. The man is a pure genius.

AAB: Is there any new music or music videos in the near future?

JK: I’m working on a follow up EP for College Tales. Im also working on a collaborative project with TJ Hendo & other artist under InNo. In addition, I’m consistently collaborating with various producers creating remixes for my current singles and working on new material.

AAB: What are some projects that you have in the works right now?

JK: I have 2 project releasing before the end of 2015. Be on the look out!

AAB: Any after tour plans?

JK: After the tour, we’re going back in the lab to do it all over again. #InNo

To keep up with Julian Keyz, check him out on social media @juliankeyz on Twitter and Instagram

. For tour dates and tickets and all things Julian Keyz visit 




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