Artist Spotlight: LeLe

LeLe Artist Spotlight Pic

Already Vevo Certified. Her voice resembles Lady Gaga, just like Ariana Grande’s resembles Mariah Carey; but she is her own artist none the less.

LeLe, 21 year old singer, song-writer is an up and coming Pop artist. She traded in her given name, Amanda McCauley, for her stage name when she started her music career. At 19, an invitation to attend aย runwayย taping in Los Angeles is what started it all. Her vocals during her performance (at the event) caught the ears of a producer in the audience and they’ve been making music ever since. This Detroit native is the former lead singer of the local cover band Hot Rod, she has a supporting role in a student film and also does background work for Central Casting located in Los Angeles.

True to her zodiac sign traits- Scorpio: determined, forceful, emotional, intuitive, powerful, passionate, exciting and magnetic. Don’t misjudge LeLe, she is the living, walking expression of an original artist. Check out the video for her single ‘Power’. Comment and tell us what you think!

Keeping up with LeLe:

LeLe’s Official Website

LeLe on Facebook

LeLe on Soundcloud

LeLe on Twitter

LeLe YouTube Channel

LeLe on iTunes

LeLe on imdb

LeLe on Spotify

LeLe on MTV

LeLe on Vh1

LeLe on Rhapsody


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