Makin’ Moves: An Interview with Nia Dinero

 IMG_0789    IMG_0791

First and foremost she is a young African American female with a college degree. Nia Dinero wears many hats; she has basketball skills, she’s a rapper, songwriter and she’s been a radio personality.

In society, there are so many stereotypes placed on African Americans, African American females and females in general. Do females choose to further their education or take the easy way out and become a stripper? In our opinion, these days, more and more women are opting for the easy way out; dreams of becoming a “video girl” or having a man that they depend on for EVERYTHING without having to work for anything. It’s intriguing, meeting or stumbling upon a young female, a young African American female, who works hard with no complaints, is succeeding and really has a strong focus on their goals and the things that they want to accomplish.

Interviewing Nia Dinero was like a breath of fresh air. She’s intelligent, is really knowledgeable, knows exactly what she wants and where she wants her music and her brand to go and is humble like no other. We are thankful for the opportunity to interview Dinero while she’s climbing the ladder of success. Check out our interview below and comment your thoughts!



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