Ass! Ass! Ass!

So, supposedly last year was the year of the ass but we think it’s definitely this year, 2015! Squat repetitions multiple times a day, lunges, the never ending quest for a fat ass…and there’s no need to be ashamed or embarrassed, we’ve been working at it too!

Can you picture it? Having an ass like JLo or Amber Rose? Check out the big booty beauties gallery below then check out the celebrity workout plan.

“You just popped in the Kanye West Get Right for the Summer Workout Tape.” – ‘The New Workout Plan’ by Kanye West

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Celeb Workout Plan:


3 Circuits;

Lunges- 25 each leg

Chair Squats- 25 reps

Calf Raises- 25 each leg

Chair Dips- 25 reps

Burpee/Squat Thrust- 25 reps

Planks- Hold for 1 min

Mountain Climbers- 1 min

Perform all of the above listed exercises as 1 circuit. 1 circuit will take about 1 hour or less. Do 3 circuits with 3 minutes of rest in between each circuit.

*These exercises are for the average strengthed person, beginners may need to lower the repititions and increase rest time.


Dedicate these two days to Cardio Vascular Exercise–Running (Treadmill or Elliptical works fine!)

– First, do a slow running for 5-10 min (body warm up)

– Run with maximum effort for 1 min

– Slow down, but keep running for another 5 min

– Repeat the above steps 4-5 times

– Cool down by resting for 5 min


Rest Days!


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