Show Review: “High Profits”

High Profits Post

A docu-series that follows Caitlin McGuire and Brian Rogers, a couple that is working to build the first legal marijuana empire.

“High Profits”, shows many struggles and rewards of trying to sell medical marijuana commercially. Rogers and McGuire own Breckenridge Cannabis Club which starts off on Breckenridge’s Main Street. The first episode of the show shows a tug-of-war between the city council and the couple about whether or not it’s appropriate for BCC to be on Main Street where so many people bring their families and one of the top places where tourists visit. Brian and Caitlin’s argument is that their business being there didn’t become a problem until business started booming. The city council’s argument? That BCC has an unfair advantage over medical marijuana shops that are farther out. Aww, so sad…not!

That’s how we look at it. The other shops chose to be further out. Maybe they didn’t want to face any challenges with the city council or get disapproval stares from people in the town or tourists even. The episode doesn’t say when BCC started their lease on Main Street but they had to move somewhere else come August. Rogers and McGuire also own one of the largest grow facilities. It’s immoral to deem someone’s business as “inappropriate” to protect a town’s reputation, especially when it was approved in the beginning. The town changed their mind when the business became popular, and people walking by would see a line outside the door and then read the sign “Breckenridge Cannabis Club”, that’s pretty much what it boils down to.

The docu-series is only 8 episodes, with it being 4 episodes in now. Brian and Caitlin’s journey is a struggle but definitely rewarding. Since January 1st, when medical marijuana became legal locally, BCC has grown from a $500,000/yr profit to a $5,000,000/yr profit. Catch up on the episodes now on OnDemand or



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