7 Things You Should Never Say In A Job Interview

 don't talkdon't talk 2don't talk 3

As if getting to the “interview part” of the hiring process isn’t hard enough, once you get to the interview phase there are things you should never say, in the interview that is. 

If you’ve ever been on an interview, which I am sure every one of you reading this has…then you know there is such thing as interview etiquette; which is basically the do’s and don’t’s of interviewing. 

So, let’s get straight to the point! Here are 7 things you should NEVER say in an interview, NEVER!

1. “I’m really nervous.”

Regardless of how nervous you are, this shows the interviewer that you lack confidence. Try taking a few deep breaths before going into the interview.

2. “Let’s talk money.”

Trust me, I know times are hard, and some jobs that you apply/interview for, it really is about the money but if you automatically go into an interview trying to talk salary, the interviewer will think that you don’t have any real interests in the company and their mission and values. Interviewers these days usually always mention what you will be paid hourly/salary and they ask if that works for you. In other words, let them bring up money, not you!

3. “I really need this job.”

No desperation! Once again, you may really need the job but the employer doesn’t need to know that. Employers are seeking employees who want a long-term career, not just a job for the time being.

4.  “My current/past boss/job was or is horrible.”

Never ever should you criticize or talk bad about your current or previous employer, company or boss included. Even if the employer invites you to, or it seems like they’re trying to get you to say something bad, DON’T! It will make you sound bitter and petty. It shows that you will badmouth any boss or company if given the opportunity.

5. “S%&#, F*$%”

As obvious as this may be..don’t use curse words or slang in an interview. It doesn’t matter how “cool” the interviewer may seem or how laid back the company/job is, or even if they use curse words or slang themselves. There is no “monkey see, monkey do” in job interviews.

6. “I’m getting divorced/going through a tough time.”

Never mention your circumstances, negative or positive. This can and most likely will be seen as a major red flag for many reasons. This will raise the question if your personal challenges will interfere with your ability to perform well on the job.

7. “I don’t have any questions for you.”

Ask something! Anything, as long as it pertains to the job of course. Even if you have to ask the interviewer why they like working for the company. When you say you don’t have any questions, it makes you look unprepared for the interview or lack honest interest in the position or company.

Trust me when I say I know it’s hard. I’m struggling myself trying to find a job. But if you remember things like this and add it to your interview interview etiquette, there’s a better chance of you landing the job. 


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