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Her start to “blog stardom” and the #BlackGirlsWhoBlog movement!

I found the @BlackGirlsWhoBlog Instagram page from a friend and it’s amazing! Usually when I find Instagram pages from other people that I follow, I usually follow the page for about a week to see how often they post and if they’re posts are interesting; majority of the time I end up unfollowing after a few days. But I’m still following @BlackGirlsWhoBlog page.

Morgan Ariel, founder of the #BlackGirlsWhoBlog movement is also a fellow blogger. She blogs about fashion, the different things she’s doing in her life and of course the #BlackGirlsWhoBlog movement among other things with fashion always being the focal point. She was kind enough to let me interview her about how she got started blogging and how to have a successful blog. Check out what she had to say below!

Amanda J: How did you get started blogging?

Morgan Ariel: During my senior year of college, a couple of people suggested that I start a blog. I was definitely interested in doing so; however, I wanted to focus on finishing school before I put my time, effort, and energy into blogging. Ironically, a few days after my collegiate commencement, I received a phone call from a good friend of mine just to catch up. The conversation ended with her asking me to style her Miss DC USA 2014 pageant photos. It was in that moment that I knew I had to make a blog. It was time. I wanted to build some content and showcase my personal style before I shared me dressing someone else. Thus, cosMORGpolitan was born, and the rest is (her)story.

AJ: How did you come up with your blog name and decide the content of your blog?

MA: I came up with the name (which was and still is my Twitter handle) based on my name, Morgan, and the word “cosmopolitan.” I love a good play on words and definitely wanted a piece of my name in the blog title (hence the MORG in cosMORGpolitan). Also, I identify with the definition of cosmopolitan and all things synonymous. Something about the word is how I see myself and the woman I’d like to become. Additionally, it being the name of a cute cocktail drink and magazine helped. A lot. I love sweet, fruity, feminine drinks and am obsessed with magazines — especially those catered to women, fashion, and African-Americans. It just made sense, so I went with it. It sounded like me. In terms of my blog’s content, I knew that I wanted it to be fashion-based because designers, models, and “Vogue” fascinate me, but I didn’t want to limit myself. Therefore, I categorize it as a life(style) blog with emphasis on style. This means that it covers various pieces of me, my experiences, and interests. I may write a restaurant review or post a vlog about the new Marc Jacobs perfume that I just fell in love with. I wanted my blog to be versatile, but always having fashion at the focal point.

AJ: What is the “Black Girls Who Blog” Movement?

MA: The #BlackGirlsWhoBlog movement is a solidarity brand tweeted into existence by myself to create a connection and sense of community amongst African-American, women bloggers.

AJ: What makes a blog successful?

MA: I think it depends on how you measure success. For me, it’s producing content that makes me happy. That simple. In terms of society’s definition, I’ll say that content, consistency, and quality are what make blogs successful. Also, know your audience and post accordingly. Being yourself is always a great idea as well.

 AJ: Does the blog name contribute to the success of the blog?

MA: Yes, witty blog names are always intriguing. They make you want to click on the link and see what they’re about. Cupcakes and Cashmere. Man Repeller. The Blonde Salad. These are all extremely popular and successful blogs, and I was initially attracted to all three based on the names. Think of them as first impressions. Before anyone sees you or your content, they hear (or read) your name. It makes a difference. People still judge books by their titles.

AJ: Is it necessary or beneficial to have separate social media accounts for your blog?

MA: I don’t think it’s necessary. In fact, having separate social media accounts for your blog backfires if you want people to identify you with your brand. On the other hand, I have a separate Instagram account for #BlackGirlsWhoBlog because it’s way bigger than myself. I wanted that to have its own outlet; however, it links to my personal (and blog) Twitter account because I want the general public to associate #BlackGirlsWhoBlog with me in some way. You know, as a point of reference and all.

 AJ: How can or do you think blogging can open doors to other opportunities such as maybe an editorial job?

MA: Blogging can definitely land you an editorial position. I actually read an article earlier today about a blogger, Bryan Boy, declining a six-figure editorial job. Anyway, a blog showcases your writing skills, your eye (if you include visuals in your posts), your voice, your consistency in developing content, and how your work attracts readers. All things I think any editorial would want in staff.

 AJ: What opportunities has your blog brought you?

MA: Wow, my blog has landed me a few personal styling and public speaking/presentation gigs. I’ve also been featured on several other blogs, but those requests really didn’t start coming in until I started #BlackGirlsWhoBlog.

 AJ: What are 3 or 4 blogs that you visit frequently?

MA: I visit the three that I previously mentioned often, but I’ll give your four more because my reading list is LONG! I frequent Pink Peonies, Chanel Files, This Time Tomorrow, and My Second Job Is Fashion a lot.

 AJ: How do you name a blog that covers everything, or almost everything (i.e. music, beauty, fashion, health, fitness and grown-up stuff like resume tips)?

MA: For a blog that covers everything, I’d name it something really creative and eccentric or honestly *InsertYourFirstNameHere**InsertYourLastNameHere*.com. Just make a website named after yourself. There are many different parts of you, just like there are many different parts of the blog that covers everything.

 AJ: What advice can you give, that has helped you and your blog be successful?

MA: Don’t be afraid to promote yourself, but don’t post content that you aren’t proud of. Just because this isn’t AP English class doesn’t mean that improper grammar is cute. Quality photos are attractive; people like pretty pictures. Be you. Have fun.

 Everyone starts their blog for reasons that are different from the next blogger. Interviewing Morgan, was insightful and fun. Check out her blog at  and check out the #BlackGirlsWhoBlog movement on Instagram @BlackGirlsWhoBlog

 “A CEO’s mind, that marketing plan was me… -Morgan Ariel

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